Posted by: dharmabeachbum | June 9, 2012

Meld into a wave today

I wanted to meld into a wave today.

President John F. Kennedy said in remarks made prior to the 1962 America’s Cup, “We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea — whether it is to sail or to watch it — we are going back from whence we came.” For the full quote, check out my “Some dharma, man” page.

Well, after looking out into that beautiful blue-green surf, I literally wanted to go back from whence my ancient kin came. I envisioned being swallowed by a wave — my atoms dissipating into it — and becoming one with the sea.

That sensation might not be quite as esoteric as it sounds. I’ve battled bipolar disorder for a long time and the idea of disappearing into an abyss or into the wilderness — hey, man, that rhymes — is quite common. This wasn’t the first time I thought about being a wave.

So, I’d been weaving through the surf, futilely searching for sharks teeth. There were few shells and no shell beds. After finding one tooth in forty-five minutes, my attention drifted to the beauty around me.

Ah, hell, nearly all of those girls in the two-piecers were young enough to be my daughters.

Just kidding. The ocean had my attention. The sun’s rays and the reflection of the clear sky above had turned the sea into an aqua masterpiece. Nice work, Ra.

Winds were blowing up to fifteen miles per hour and the waves were three to four feet high before breaking near the shore. The picture below was taken in northern Myrtle Beach that gorgeous day, June 7.

Before calling it a blog, I wanted to touch one more time on JFK’s quote. Was our nation’s first Catholic president endorsing evolution or was he simply making a general statement about our immigrant ancestors crossing the sea?

People my age and older might remember that JFK’s religion was quite an issue in the campaign leading up to his election. I think he was purposely being vague when commenting in Newport, Rhode Island. He was still trying to separate himself from that church and state issue.

I’d love to hear from you on this — regardless of when you read this post.


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