Posted by: dharmabeachbum | June 10, 2012

The sun also riseth

And Ra said, Let there be light: And there was light.

What? A cult? Don’t call my religion a cult. The ancient Egyptians dug Ra (now we’re digging up them). As high priest of Dharma Beach Bumism, I hold sunrise services roughly seven out of every ten days. I also pray to Ra often in the afternoons in a much less formal setting. My flock includes many seagulls, but they were bad gulls today; thus, I was angry. My lone parishioner this morning was a grackle, so I instructed him (or her) to make fishers of other grackles.

Sometimes I’ll be standing at the foot of shell beds (my back to Ra..tsk, tsk) waiting for fossils to show themselves and I’ll look down and see grackles at my feet digging for small crustaceans. They’re very good at it.

In the photo on the upper right, the sun blesses North Myrtle Beach. The grackle didn’t seem nearly as impressed as I was. Thou art forgiven, bird. Thy feast was prepared.



  1. The pictures are beautiful…

    • Thanks Ms. Wessex. Haven’t I seen you somewhere before, perhaps in another era…

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