Posted by: dharmabeachbum | July 5, 2012

A labor of love

Myrtle Beach State Park ranger Ann Wilson and Ashley Ruis probed for loggerhead eggs in northern Myrtle Beach on July 4.

They were at the site for over an hour just after dawn, but there was no nest to be found.

This post is a tribute to Miss Ann, Miss Ashley and all others who love nature. They weren’t being paid for this holiday endeavor.

The loggerhead’s track (below) was the only evidence of what is known among sea turtle enthusiasts as a “false crawl.”

False crawls, which are abandoned nesting attempts by sea turtles, appear to be a natural part of the turtles’ quests for just the right place to lay eggs. They can also occur when the mother-to-be is disturbed or spooked upon crawling ashore.

This false crawl was spotted just three or so blocks south of a loggerhead nest discovered ten days ago. Ninety eggs were delicately taken from that nest and moved to a beach less traveled in the Myrtle Beach State Park.

Check out my blog, Sea turtles dig the dark, for more info.


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