Posted by: dharmabeachbum | July 31, 2012

Pavin’ paradise and leavin’ parking lots

It would be nice to know if Burroughs and Chapin (B$C) is ever going to do anything with the former Myrtle Square Mall site.

The real estate giant deserted the nearly 50-acre lot after opening Coastal Grand Mall in March 2004. Demolition of the old mall was finished in mid-2006, and the land on which it stood has been empty since. The decaying parking lot is an eyesore.

I’ve had many people ask me on the beach when the site is going to be developed. “It’s big and ugly — like Rosie O’Donnell,” one tourist recently said to me. I laughed along with him; the longer the lot sits empty, however, the more tragic this “situation” becomes.

Image. When it comes to attracting tourists, it’s all about image. You don’t have to be a chamber of commerce president to know that.

Incredibly, there has been relatively little public criticism of B$C regarding this matter.

Then again, as a wise friend said to me, “We all know what’s wrong, but how do we fix it? What’s the solution? It’s easy to point the finger of blame. Where is the healing hand?”

Agreed. The economy hasn’t been that great for the last three or four years.

My friend also said, “Burroughs $ Chapin owns the land. They can do with it what they want.”

Agreed. I just wish I knew if there were any plans in the works. I’m a curious beach bum. I love and care about Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand.

I need to give B$C credit where credit is due. The company virtually founded this town. B$C has been extremely charitable in donating land for beach access, churches, schools, the Myrtle Beach State Park and the baseball stadium.

B$C also continues to make contributions to area colleges, technical schools, health care initiatives, educational programs and chambers of commerce.

Wait a minute. Is the ol’ beach bum actually saying nice things about Burroughs $ Chapin?

I’ve had a problem with them since they tore down the pavilion. That land — in the heart of downtown Myrtle Beach — also stood empty for years. Prior to the zip line folks leasing it, the 11-acre former pavilion lot looked very much like an Iraqi city-suburb soccer field. When I lived down that way for a short time, I expected to see camels running around.

I’d walk a mile for some inside information. Heck, I’d walk ten miles.



  1. fuck B&C, those fucking fascists. (in my mind, B&C stands for bullshit and conspiracy).

  2. you must have been talking to donald trump, b/c that’s what he said about rosie… another sociopath, always going bankrupt & stealing money from people …being investigated by the attorney general of ny….now we have 3 sociopaths: sanford, the boat captain & trump.

    • I know. As soon as Rosie doesn’t get her way, she goes off. I can’t believe she ever got as popular as she did.

      • i don’t know much about rosie, just the man with the comb over as david letterman says.

      • Now that’s funny. I needed that.

      • you know what .maybe a month ago, when you were telling me about facebook, i put my email on a post way back here & asked if you could erase it after you got it.. i don’t even remember where i wrote it.

      • Miss errinspelling, I think I erased it. I can’t remember where it was, but I found it through the blog dashboard. I’ll look for it.

      • oh good i’m glad you erased it. thank-you

  3. […] Parking lot: […]

    • Thanks again, Jman. I’m humbled to have received the invitation and proud that you could find a way to use the photo of a weed-infest waste of prime real estate here in Myrtle Beach. Anyone reading this: check out this proud father’s site, especially if you’re into excellent story telling or in need of a good laugh. Here’s the link:

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