Posted by: dharmabeachbum | November 16, 2012

The special of the day is a foot fillet

My foot was almost filleted the other day as I sloshed through the surf.

While I was looking for pointy things with serrated edges, I didn’t expect to find a fishing knife. A big, great white shark tooth would have done just fine.

The smaller knife doubles as an Horry (O-ree) County passport.

The sun’s reflection off the knife’s blade caught my attention just before I stepped on it. I was going to keep on keepin’ on, but I decided to take a closer look. Afterall, one should never look a gift horse in the mouth — unless, that is, you’re living in Troy and the Greeks have just presented you with a huge wooden stallion. Then you might want to inspect its teeth. More on the horse teeth later.

I took the knife home with me, washed it and added it to my collection of tidal treasures that haven’t fossilized.

Over the years, I’ve given fishing knives and a nice pair of needle-nose hook removers away. So, my collection isn’t much of a collection anymore. It does include, however, three spent 50 mm. cartridges presumably fired by jets flying out of the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, which closed in 1993.

They were practice rounds. Unless some drunken yahoos got out of hand on a crazy fishing trip. Then an aerial assault would have been entirely necessary and extremely fun to watch. If those fishermen were anything like me, their beers would still be upright even after they took the plunge. I’ve done the ol’ roll over a couple of times in watering holes. Yes, I blamed it on the stool. Darn wobbly legs. You bounce back up like nothin’ happened without a drop missing from your beer. See, there is something to be said for public inebriation.

To most people, a couple of fishing knives and spent ammo cartridges are junk. I view them as treasure. The knives reflect our laid-back lifestyle and the cartridges represent part of the Grand Strand’s glorious history.

Now, back to horse teeth. They’re the origin, in essence, of the “never look a gift horse in the mouth” saying.

If someone is nice enough to offer you a horse, you don’t insult them by checking out the horse’s condition by examining its teeth. Do you?

Well, yeah. I do. In this case, I would have much rather found a perfectly-shaped great white tooth than a knife.

Fillet-O-Foot, anyone?


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