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No beaches are finer than those in Carolina

Female sea turtles are known, often, to return to the same beach on which they were born to nest. The debatable phenomenon is referred to as natal homing. While innate navigation and orientation may account for natal homing, it’s almost as if their native sands have imprinted on the sea turtles.263600_380164705400788_1142587237_n

Well, I feel like the beaches of the Grand Strand have imprinted on me.

I recently had the opportunity to spend the better part of a week in Edisto. My family stayed there while attending my nephew Robert’s “graduation” from Marine boot camp on Parris Island. It was fantastic to see Robert and nearly 600 other outstanding young people dedicate themselves to serving our country.

Edisto Beach is gorgeous. In general, the shore is slightly more pitched than that of the Grand Strand. Jetties line the beach, slowing erosion, but swirling waters stir shells around the barnacle-covered stones. Both the slope and the jetties create great opportunities for fossil hunters like myself.

The coastal hamlet is ritzy, filled largely with nice homes, gated communities and quaint stores. A beautiful golf course separated our lodging from the ocean, and I got lost twice going across and around it. If seen from above, it would have been like watching a rat in a maze — only rats are smarter than I.

Take my advice or don’t listen to me (Neil Young line), but stay away from the Thirsty Fish. The bar’s bohemian name is misleading. The best thing about that dingy watering hole was McKinley, a beautiful dog that roamed about freely. Go to Dockside next door if you get down that way and feel the need to have an adult beverage.

One more thing about Edisto. The locals I encountered while walking to and from the beach were so very nice. Good peeps. Everyone actually looked you in the eye and spoke — unlike what I’ve experienced here in Myrtle Beach.

With that said, I was so happy to get home. The first day back I ventured to the 65th Avenue beach access 20 minutes prior to dawn on an unusually warm, early December morn. As Ra rose to the occasion of my homecoming, I was stunned by the beauty around me. Dolphins swam parallel to the coast. Sea oats wavered gently in the wind. Cormorants fished the aqua ocean. I’ll say it again. Those of us who live here are very lucky.

I love you, Edisto. But I’m in love with the Grand Strand. Sorry.


Mom posin' in front of an a pier. The dune in the background was a trip. It was 15-feet high with paths running through it.

Mom checkin’ out a dock. The dune in the background was a trip. It was 15-feet high with paths running through it.

My mother, brother and future sister-in-law.

My mother, brother and future sister-in-law.

Robert Donald Hufnagle

Robert Donald Hufnagle


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