Posted by: dharmabeachbum | January 24, 2013

You scoop when your dog poops

Dog_poop_sign_DNA_testingA steaming pile of dog crap lay in the sand.

A woman had driven her car through the 67th Avenue access parking lot, stopping just short of the beach, her car’s grill facing the big pond. She let her dog out and then called for it to get back in her car after it had done its business.

Could anyone possibly be any lazier?

Allow me to tell you how my morning started before I rant about this subject further.

The cool breeze of a mild winter day felt so refreshing as I left my apartment and headed to the beautiful beach.

Doves serenaded one another with their mournful calls. A dozen ducks cruised across the glassy surface of a fog-shrouded pond. Squirrels scampered playfully, stopping to scavage for nuts, inspecting them while poised on their haunches.

I couldn’t get Bob Dylan’s song, Huck’s Tune, out of my mind. “Nature’s voice makes my heart rejoice. Play me the wild song of the wind.”

Communing with nature always clears my mind. That’s why I have such a strong relationship with it. That’s part of the reason I feel indebted to it.

The woman backed her car out of the access lot as I passed her. South Carolina license plate. I waved to her, having no idea that she had left dog crap laying in my sanctuary. She didn’t wave back. I was furious when I saw her dog’s poop. The serenity that I had found during my walk was gone.

I love dogs. I love petting them when they greet me on the beach. I have the greatest respect for dog owners who clean up after their animals. Cleaning up after pets is an act of pure love.

I hate dog owners who don’t clean up after their animals. Yes, I said “hate.” And my anger only grows when I see them looking over their shoulders in the aftermath to see if anyone was watching.

People sometimes say, “Well, marine life defecates in the ocean. What’s the difference?

That response is moronic. First of all, marine life defecates in the ocean because that’s the way Mother Nature intended it. Organisms feed off it and the rest dissipates in the water. Secondly, when a dog defecates on the beach, humans must walk around it. We sometimes walk through its bacterial residue.

I’ll never understand why alleged adults refuse to take responsibility. I wish it were legal for me to drag biped offenders back to the scene of the slime and rub their noses in it.



  1. dumbdumb likes this article!

  2. there are signs everywhere here, that say it’s the law to clean up after your carries disease…and they even have green trash bags…

    • I know, errin. People just think that laws and regulations apply to every one but them. The next time I see someone who doesn’t clean up after their dog I’m going to say something to them. I really love dogs (and cats). It’s some of the owners that I don’t like.

      • that is so true.they do whatever they want…like stomp on the ceiling for 3 months and keep me awake, when signs say be quiet 11-8 am…..
        i saw those signs and i couldn’t believe you can have dogs at the beach now.everyone has dogs…when i was little we came for 18 years, my parents came 40 years before i was born and we always had to take her to the kennel. that makes me mad.

  3. We used to have some neighbors that had two dogs and they would open up their back door and let them run lose. The dogs would always run to one of the neighbors yards and do their business. Well one day the dogs came into our yard and did their thing. My husband got a shovel and scooped it up and threw it back into their yard. I personally would have preferred to put it on their front porch, or in their mailbox, or under their car tires….

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