Posted by: dharmabeachbum | February 1, 2013

Thank God I live in South Carolina

130108031823_taco-cidBy now most South Carolina residents have probably heard about the politically incorrect t-shirt used as a marketing tool by Taco Cid in West Columbia, South Carolina. I offer you a photo of it so you can judge its message for yourself.

Personally, I think it’s getting to the point in the United States that we can’t even laugh at ourselves.

But this piece isn’t about immigration. I’m voicing my displeasure with a blog that included this unfortunate headline, “We (in Alabama) don’t say ‘thank God for South Carolina’ nearly enough.” It’s written by a middle-aged guy by the name of Joey Kennedy. Joey? I thought that moniker was saved for young kangaroos and possums.

Well, Joey might as well have been playing dead when he published his two cents on the t-shirt issue. While labeling the t-shirt as racist and anti-immigrant, Joey laments about the “battered reputation” of his state, Alabama, and implies how lucky those in Alabama are to have South Carolina to make them look better.

Wow! Really? He’s made that judgment because of one restaurant’s t-shirt?

Commenting on remarks made by the restaurant’s owner, Leanne Snelgrove, regarding the popularity of the t-shirt, Joey also said, “She should know that racists, xenophobes, sexists, homophobes and other haters are quick to support their fellow racists, xenophobes, sexists, homophobes and other haters.”

If that were the case, Joey, you should have been cheering on Ms. Snelgrove. Your opinion of my fellow South Carolinians comes across as xenophobic. While venting, I’ll mention two words to anyone in Alabama who wants to put down South Carolina: George Wallace.

Before closing, I must give Joey the credit he is due. He’s won a Pulitzer Prize. He’s also a community engagement specialist for and The Birmingham News. I also realize that he didn’t intend to offend an entire state.

I hope he pardons me for overreacting a bit, but he must understand this: I thank God that I live in South Carolina.

While I’ve spent a lot of time on the Atlantic Coastal Plain, I’ve seen most of the state. It’s gorgeous. Most of our people have character. Many of them, like me, are characters. We have our share of racists. We have more than our share of people who love everyone.

Alabama has Joey Kennedy. South Carolina has the dharma beach bum. Darn, I should have quit while I was ahead.



  1. That t-shirt is horrible. Is the restaurant really selling them? And what’s the point? Do they think they will get more customers? ARGHHH!

    • Definitely not something I would wear, Cindy. The strangest thing about the t-shirt is that it isn’t even funny. One would think that it would drive Hispanic customers away in droves.

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