Posted by: dharmabeachbum | July 15, 2013

Making sense of Zimmerman verdict reaction and crawdads on the beach

People are crazy and times are strange, but the beach is a great place to get a big whiff of air and clear the old noggin. Seeing the big pond helps one put things in perspective.

That’s exactly what I was doing the other day. Like much of our nation, I’ve been bewitched by the State of Florida versus George Zimmerman trial. So, after taking off my Jesus sneakers and wading into the surf, I breathed deeply and rhythmically and tried to grasp a troubling notion: our nation is still deeply divided when it comes to race relations.

It was cloudy and drizzling, but the breeze felt great as I struggled to make sense of things. Along the way, I’d collected 25 small sharks teeth, one soiled hotel towel, four candy wrappers and two crawdads. It was a wonderful morn…

Wait a minute! Two crawdads? What the…? My head shook like that of a confused cartoon character. The late, great Kathryn Hepburn’s head was more steady. Then I put two and two together and came up with six; I wasn’t too far from the 68th Ave. swash and heavy rains had washed the crawdads out of local ponds and waterways into the ocean.

Messing around with them reminded me of my youth when the Hollenbach brothers and I would go down to Penns Creek or the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania, pick up rocks, wait for the silt to clear and grab crawdads (we called them crayfish or crawfish up no’th) behind their claws. Most of the time we’d put them on the wrong end of a hook and use them for fish bait.

Things seemed so simple then. The sky was much more blue. The days, longer. We had little responsibility and nothing bothered us. But being an adult means putting aside childish things (except for crawdads). If one ever hopes to be a positive, guiding force on our youth — as I do when the occasion arises — one must first have a decent understanding of the society surrounding him.

I reckon that’s why I think about things like Florida versus Zimmerman. And that’s what this case was. The state of Florida tried Zimmerman for allegedly breaking its laws. Leftist media outlets like The Huffington Post labeled the trial as “The Trayvon Martin Case.” I shouldn’t have expected the likes of Arianna Huffington and her puppets to set aside their agenda long enough to note the difference.

I know. Tomato. Tomahto. Crawdad. Crayfish. Seems like word play — in a way. When it comes to a young man losing his life as Trayvon Martin did, though, it makes a BIG difference. Trayvon Martin will never have the chance to live out whatever dreams he had. His parents will never be able to watch him grow into a productive member of society. God bless them; their hearts are forever broken.

The race baiting that I’ve seen in the largely liberal media has been reprehensible. Absolutely deplorable. The media, of which I was once a part, made this case all about race. Some media even edited audio tapes to make Zimmerman appear more racist than he might very well be. They went out of their way to make it look like Zimmerman was guilty, at the very least, of racial profiling.

Some people have called me liberal, which is strange because I’ve usually voted Republican. So be it. Regardless, I would have had the common sense, had I been reporting on a wide-scale, national level to point out that this case had more to do with testosterone, a “wannabe” cop and a young man who bit off more than he could chew.

In the aftermath of Saturday’s verdict, the NAACP, Al Sharpton and numerous self-righteous Hollyweirdos and professional athletes immediately disrespected the jury. Sharpton and the NAACP called for the Department of Justice to prosecute Zimmerman. Alec Baldwin called the verdict (expletive). At least one athlete suggested that the jurists should off themselves. Another athlete said it was a matter of time before a member of the “hood” caught up with Zimmerman anyway. The Rev. Jesse Jackson said our legal system “failed justice.” That’s strange. Jackson was quoted not too long ago as saying that he just wanted to see Zimmerman judged by his peers. Oh, he couldn’t wait for Zimmerman to have his day in court. Couldn’t wait. Al Sharpton is the most racist person who doesn’t wear a white hood. I won’t go that far with Jesse Jackson. While Jackson is sometimes a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he has accomplished much in pursuing his civil rights interests.

Michael Moore implied that Martin would have been found guilty if the roles were reversed, then asked the twits who follow him on Twitter if he needed to say more. Actually, no Mr. Moore, you don’t need to say anything else. Sew your lips together, cut your caloric intake and feed half the starving people in the United States instead. You know. The ones you pretend to care about so much. Make no mistake. There are many of us who are really tired of some fat chump spewing his leftist propoganda without ever facing ANY consequences. Alec Baldwin? He can’t say anything, not even to his own daughter, without cussing — unless, that is, it’s scripted. The athletes? Several of them couldn’t tweet a one-line sentence without severely butchering the King’s English. They’d never seen the inside of a courtroom unless they were wearing handcuffs.

Kim Kardashian stopped promoting herself long enough to tweet that there was “no justice” in the verdict. I have little doubt that she was too busy taking another photo of herself to watch the trial or read about it in a reputable publication. Folks, that’s how crazy our society is now days. Some empty-headed bimbo who made her fame via a sex tape feels qualified to comment very publicly on a matter of great social significance.

I’m flat out accusing those mentioned above of inciting violence and riots in the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict. I’m here — at the intersection of 65th Avenue North and the Atlantic Ocean in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — to tell them that they have no interest in what is just or what is morally right unless it is partial to their own self-serving agendas or causes.

I’m here to tell them that I would gladly stand before a jury of my peers and accept their judgment of my actions. My words. Now, I wouldn’t make the same offer if it were the local justice of the peace sitting in judgment. They’re often inept and subject to corruption. My peers, yes.

In the end, George Zimmerman was found not guilty. There’s a big difference between being found not guilty and being innocent, even though a few misinformed members of the Myrtle Beach Police Department have told me otherwise. Actually, one of them laughed in my face when he told me that being found not guilty and being innocent “are the same thing.” The laughing stuff made him appear more ignorant than misinformed. When one is innocent, and I’m not so sure Zimmerman was, that means that he did not do what he was accused of doing. Not guilty, on the other hand, is a ruling made in court.

Oy vey. My thoughts are with the Martin family and with the Zimmerman jury. May they find some kind of peace in the coming days and years. I’m going back to the beach for another whiff of clean, salty air. Maybe find a crawdad or two. I’m moving on now that I’ve had my say. I wish everyone could let it go, but they won’t. They won’t be happy until they garner publicity or sell postcards to a figurative hanging.



  1. i spent 20 min.typing a comment. i forgot the wireless stays on only 5 min. at most.1 tower 65 acres. ohy veh.

    • How are ya doin’, Errin? I’m laughing ’cause I can identify. I’ve lost so much copy over the years while in the midst of writing it. I can laugh now, but I remember a couple times that it happened when I was on newspaper deadline. I kicked the freaking computer’s plug out of the socket. Happens when I’m commenting on youtube also. The videos switch and I lose the stuff.

      • i can’t do anything. lodge 3 always worked. lodge 2 not since i got here. wireless co. has been here 9 x’s. .. gave up.

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