Posted by: dharmabeachbum | August 7, 2013

Musings of a scatter-brained beach bum

Laughter and screams of delight spread in the winds along shore. Great to see beach packed in early August. Reds, yellows, oranges, blues and greens line the coast. Skywheel spinning downtown. Boats sail just beyond the surf. Popeye was a sailor man. Worked for him. Four kites doing figure eights against the azure sky backdrop. Tourists throwing Frisbee and play bean bag game. Comraderie. Catching up with friends and relatives. Children finding fragmented shells and proudly showing parents their discoveries. Parents play along with compliments: “Wow. Great. Go find me another one sweetie.” Women in bikinis strutting their stuff. Whoa, Nellie! Me upper spinal cordsk hurtsk from rubberneckin’ so muchk with me eyesk hidden beneath me boonie hatsk brim. Aye yigh yigh! ‘Nuff said.

Swimmer’s ear? Try putting a half a cap of rubbing alcohol in each ear. I’ve done it myself after consulting local pharmacist. Good guy. Worked immediately. Advice of pharmacists has always been extremely helpful to me.

Shark Week programming on Discovery Channel is often a fountain of misinformation. Don’t believe me? Ask Mr. Pierce in fossil cove at The Gay Dolphin. Shark Week After Dark Live — filmed in a talk show format — is especially lame. Wiscracking host’s commentary is loaded with sexual innuendo. He asks two guests which shark is the most aggressive. Morbidly obese guest with missing front teeth described as adreneline junky who swims with sharks is first to speak. He tells host that he believes that the great white shark is most aggressive of sharks because it can swallow you whole. Wrong, dufus. The megalodon is the only shark that could possibly have done that and they’ve been extinct for quite some time. Much more knowledgable guest says that the bull shark is the most aggressive. Perhaps. I wouldn’t characterize any shark as particularly aggressive. Are we aggressive when seeking sustenance?

Watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Loaded with fantastic acting. Jack Nicholson, Christopher Lloyd, Louise Fletcher and Brad Dourif. Nicholson one of the greatest actors ever. “Cuckoo’s Nest” reminds me of the inadequacies and shortcomings in our society’s mental health treatment. Corruption, too. With that said, I must commend the many mental health professionals who selflessly and lovingly do a job that many, including myself, could not handle.

Gas prices nearly 30 cents higher in central Pennsylvania than here along the Grand Strand. Yet grocery prices are much higher here than in Yankee land. What gives? Gouging the tourists pocketbooks are we? Taking money out of locals and snowbirds pockets in the name of supply and demand; were being force fed baloney and that’s something for which we shouldn’t stand. These greedy corporate food chains achieved what they wanted when ty heyran the mom-and-pop corner markets out of business Oh, but we who live here year around get those silly, valued-customer plastic cards that knock a few pennies off prices that have nearly doubled in the last few years.

Five alleged adults sit in beach chairs as the tide flows around their feet. Empty cans and plastic bottles surround their makeshift encampment. Refuse moving in the surf. “That’s okay y’all,” I say. “I’ll pick up after you.” Not much of a response. If you’re scared say you’re scared, but no reason to be scared of me. Too many people irresponsible. In minutes those cans and bottles could have been washed out to sea.

Got lucky on the beach. Found a nice, sizeable shark’s tooth. Could have been luckier if opposite sex involved.

Back to Shark Week. A second wannabe expert host talks about what to do when “attacked” by sharks. Sharks attack their marine-life prey. They don’t attack humans. The ocean is their niche. When humans are subjected to a home or property invasion and subsequently defend said home or property, they aren’t attacking. When we cross paths with sharks in the sea, these meetings can more accurately be characterized as encounters. Sharks so often get a bad rap.

It’s not about the clothes you wear, it’s about being there. Especially on the beach.

Children building dream castles of sand; some crumble, others stand. All bring joy or contentment. Beautiful to watch from viewpoint of manchild in his slice of Eden.

Yet another brawny Shark Week guest admits to being afraid of sharks “like most sane people.” No reason to be afraid of sharks. No reason to feed sharks as part of tourist excursions to coral reefs either. Sharks then associate humans with food. Even after hundreds of millions of years of existence, sharks are too primitive to be pets.

Peace, everyone.


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