Posted by: dharmabeachbum | November 9, 2013

Tryin’ to get to heaven before they close the door

Beach soliciting isn’t allowed here in Myrtle Beach. But I’m approached while strolling across the sands of time constantly by people pushing their brands of religion. Want an example? Check the comment section beneath, “Some dharma, man.” I guarantee you that I’ve read from the Bible more often than she has. The King James Version sits above my head as I sit here at my computer. I reference it at least once a week. I read it from cover-to-cover twice when I was younger. The first time I did so was when I was in my mid-teens and I was ordered to do it after refusing to go to United Methodist Church services on Sundays. I thought I had better things to do. In retrospect, I realize how wrong I was. The late Pastor Baker was inspirational, a great speaker and a very nice man. I thank my mother for making me read from the Bible, now. The woman to whom I’ve referred obviously lets her Bible sit on her lap or thumps on it when feeling especially self-righteous. Well, taking a page from the commenter’s book — and not the book with Genesis, Exodus and Revelations in it — I offer a little satire. Satire never hurt anyone. On the other hand, warped interpretations of religious literature has led to a billion deaths, including far too many right here in the United States of American, a country that I would stand behind any time.Jesus Cult-de-sac
I’m a spiritual person who respects everyone regardless of faith, race, sexuality or political affiliations until they give me a good reason not to. I shared this photo with 165 Facebook friends and nobody bothered coming here to DBB to “like” it. I think that speaks volumes about organized religion. My second biggest beef with organized religion, having outlined numero uno above the photo, is that far too many religions brainwash their parishioners into believing that faith alone will heal the physical ailments of a human being. That’s just not true. Other religions imply the same without praising the miracles of modern medicine. I’ve written before about reasons three and four on the list. There’s no need to go there, except to say that the Oral Roberts and Robert Schulers of the world prey on the elderly and the weak when pushing the tin plate. Man, I’m on a mission here. In fact, I’ve been a bit preachy in this piece, but I’ve been preached to alot. This photo is satire. Nothing more. Peace, everyone.

Bum raps: will be open for business within days.



  1. Reflecting the signs of the time.Regards.jms

  2. Thank you sir. Jalal is truly a peaceful man. I’ve already learned something from him. The fact that this photo didn’t get any likes when I shared it with 165 Facebook friends says a lot. Last year a so-called Christian told me that I was going to burn in a fiery lake because I didn’t share her faith. “Jesus rebukes you,” she said. “Why? I asked. She just kept rambling. I’m a person who now respects people, regardless of race, religion or sexuality unless they give me a real good reason not to. There are very few people in this world that I don’t like. I do believe in a higher power. There’s an energy in our universe that I don’t fully understand. I feel it every time that I’m on the beach.

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