Posted by: dharmabeachbum | December 26, 2013

Stone cold crab delights and excites

Mollusks, crustaceans and carrion are among a stone crab’s favorite meals, but the sizable specimen about which I’m writing has eaten its last supper, washing ashore from the surf off the north end of Myrtle Beach.

The body of this stone crab was at least six-inches across. It's among the biggest crabs of its kind that I've seen in many years of beachcombing.

The body of this stone crab was at least six-inches across. It’s among the biggest crabs of its kind that I’ve seen in many years of beachcombing.

Having supplemented its last meal with a veggie, sea grass, the crab succumbed to time or the elements last week. It was cool for me to have seen the Menippe Mercenaria while hunting fossils on one of several successive mornings during which temperatures dropped to the low 30s. Menippe Mercenaria. I hope I got that right. One must almost be a genius to distinguish among the genus, phylum, family, class and kingdom of critters.

I’m a beach bum. Not a scientist.

Crabaceous Humongous lay on the damp foreshore with its claws in front of its face as if it were ready to defend itself. Stone Crabs’ claws are asymmetrical. The larger of the two claws is the crusher claw while the other is the pincer claw. The crabs’ predators include conchs, grouper, sea turtles, cobia and octopi.

Stone crabs are dependent on coastal nursery grounds. That makes us their biggest enemy. We need to do a better job of caring for the coast. That way beach bums will be able to enjoy them for a long, long time.

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  1. I was in Costco the other day and they were selling those big a$$ crabs that you see on deadliest catch. Gave me the creeps and then, it makes me want to become a vegetarian when I see a dead creature that I know a human had a hand in killing.

    • Hey Miss Cindy. Yeah, the shame of buying those crabs is they lose some of their taste when frozen and I always wonder about deadliest catch and shows like that. Bet any money they keep some stuff they shouldn’t be keeping to feed the crew. Still liked Capt. Phil and the brothers who captained the other ship. Peace, my friend.

  2. Wishing you all the best throughout the new year.Jalal

    • Thanks so much, Jalal. I appreciate your wishes so much ’cause I know coming from you they are most sincere. I will continue to visit “mysuccessisyoursuccess” and visiting like sites on wordpress give me so much inspiration because they’ve helped me realize the necessity in “accepting” inner peace as most important for one who wants nothing more than peace throughout the world. This is hard to explain to those even closest to me, but (in addition to communing iwth and writing about nature) waging heavy peace with the local powers-that-be helps me come closer to finding that inner peace. I guess because I view it as one of the ways for me to contribute to society. Hope I’m not giving myself too much credit there. Laughing out loud. I’m just proud to be among those of my fellow bloggers who share and contribute in their own ways to society. Wish I could list them right now but would hate to leave anyone out. They know who they are since I stay in somewhat regular contact with them (you). I wish you, them and anyone who reads this the best of years in 2014. We can never give up the good fight — that of bettering the USA and the world. Peace, my friend.

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