Posted by: dharmabeachbum | January 21, 2014

Some are visionaries, some can’t see what’s right in front of them

Someone smack me. Go ahead. Just haul off and give me a good whack. Marbles are lodged between my ears and my head needs some jarring.

My mind’s often more stagnated than the middle metal balls of a Neptune’s cradle sphere line up. Click-Clack. Click-clack. Click-clack. I hate those things. That rhythmic racket is enough to drive the Dalai Lama crazy. Kind of cool though. I want one.

It’s time to get a copy of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” for the aquarium. Late in 2013 I added the 15,000th shark’s tooth to it. This is where I keep worn and broken teeth.

It’s time to get a copy of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” for the aquarium. Late in 2013 I added the 15,000th shark’s tooth to it. This is where I keep worn and broken teeth.

Really. How can I make it to my 148th post without having once referenced Jules Verne’s novel, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,” a book I read when the seven seas were still ponds? Collecting sharks’ teeth is among my greatest passions, yet it hadn’t occurred to me that “Leagues” deserved a mention?

Son of a sea biscuit! That’s flat out unfathomable.

Verne’s book is part of pop culture, having been adapted and referenced repeatedly since its 1870 publication. Most of us have seen the 1954 Walt Disney movie based on “Leagues” at one time or another. I’m watching it on YouTube as I write this. Kirk Douglas and James Mason were terrific in it. Douglas played sailor Ned Land. Mason, Captain Nemo.

Verne created great characters, none of them more memorable or significant than the vengeful Nautilus captain. Nemo makes a stand against civilization and has no problem killing his perceived enemies, those who serve imperialistic nations, whom he holds accountable for oppressing the downtrodden. He’s cultured, despite his maniacal agenda, reading books and playing classical music on piano.

 The chunks of mineral on the left are parts of fossilized mammoth molars.

The chunks of mineral on the left are parts of fossilized mammoth molars.

I loved the menu Nemo served his “guests” aboard the Nautilus. Filet of sea snake. Brisket of blowfish with squid dressing basted in barnacles. Milk from sperm whales. Fruit preserves prepared with sea cucumbers. The captain was the most accomodating of hosts, offering his guests an after dinner smoke. Cigars made with seaweed. Man, he must have been desperate. Wonder how long seaweed takes to dry. Can’t wait for the next storm.

Verne was a visionary. He predicted among many other things the coming of electrically-powered, high-speed submarines not long after Monitor and Merrimack ran out of steam. The French author took people on ventures to the center of the earth, around the world in 80 days and from the earth to the moon. Most importantly, he peaked the imaginations of people throughout the world.

I have no idea how I overlooked him till now. Sometimes it’s as if I’m searching for Atlantis without the aide of a diving apparatus.

(Bum’s rap: This blog’s being filed in the DBB “Bum’s Booty” category, which includes photos of my collection. Figured I’d let you know in case you’re wondering what the aquarium has to do with Jules Verne.)



  1. dbb Read Visionaries and Rise, shine, damn the cold — both were funny and interesting to say the least. Of course, could relate more to the latter with what is forthcoming here…….frigid nights and abnormal temps all week. Of course does not deter us oldies. Curling up is for nights… Talk to you soon.

    • Thanks mom. I enjoyed writing them both. Re-learning the art of laughing at myself and the absurdities of life. Today (Monday) was beautul temps in the mid to upper 60s in the afternoon. A guess the weather is supposed to be bad again for the next couple of days. So we got a one day reprieve. Got a close-up of a pelican today that landed on the beach but I still haven’t seen if the pictures turned out well. It landed in the high sands about 50 yards from me on the beach and I walked up slowly on it. Then it flew away. It seemed fine. It’ll make for a decent story in an upcoming blog. Frigid temps in PA? Nooo. I told you to pack up and move down. Laughing out loud. We’ve had a tough winter here so far. But “tough” is relative. I’ll give you a call soon.

  2. I love the movie i can watch it 100xs! great blog! id love to be able to go tn alantic ! also ive also wanted to test the bummuta traigle! that world be awsome! yes your the most dedicated sharks teeth hunter around ! i bet! love your collection! be proud!

    • I was surprised how much I enjoyed watching it. Loved it when I was younger, but I forgot how good it was. I’m going to watch it again when I get the chance. And thanks so much for the compliments. Much needed, I must say. I just love spending time looking for teeth. Take care and thanks for reading my stuff.

  3. man this blog is a bore

    • Why thank you. I’ve helped cure insomniacs in roughly 75 countries now. I take great pride in that as someone who likes people of all races, ethnicities and nationalities. One’s religious preference or sexual orientation doesn’t matter to me either. Rest well.

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