Posted by: dharmabeachbum | February 10, 2014

For Pete’s sake: seagulls bring back memories of great music

The gall of them. These seagulls were hightailing it south along the beach with the wind at their backs.

The gall of them. These seagulls were hightailing it south along the beach with the wind at their backs.

The first wave of bombers took me by surprise and I didn’t have time to be afraid. The second wave? That’s a different story.

“Turn, turn..Turn!”

The seagulls veered around me, but not before I envisioned them attacking me as if I were an extra in the classic 1963 horror-suspense movie, “The Birds.”

I’m not sure why seagulls have such disdain for me. I’ve never harmed one of them. I’ve fed them. I talk to them when they’re down. Yet, they insist on harassing me.

I thought for a second I was going to have to turn one of them around with my walking stick like Mickey Mantle laying ash on a Don Drysdale fastball. I doubt my defense would’ve held up in court.

“Not guilty, your honor. Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3. “…a time to every purpose under heaven. I thought it was time to knock the feathers off those sky rats.”

“Guilty, Mr. Bum. Time for you pay a fine and spend a week or two in the slammer.”

“But, your honor, I would have given them time to heal.”

“Get him out of my courtroom.”

Cha-chink. Scuffing of sandal heels across the floor. “In the name of Alfred Hitchcock, I curse thee…”

In all seriousness, the passing of two “waves” of gulls so near to me was surreal. Like nature was a movie and I was wearing 3-D goggles. Spiritual.

“The Byrds” version of “Mr. Tamborine Man” came to mind as I slopped through the surf immediately afterwards. Then I thought of their version of “Turn! Turn! Turn!” and, of course, I couldn’t think of that song without remembering Pete Seeger, who died in late January.

He was an extraordinary man. A writer of timeless music. A civil right’s activist. An environmentalist. A lover of nature. Pete once said, “I think God is everything. Whenever I open my eyes I’m looking at God. Whenever I’m listening to something I’m listening to God.”

That brings me full circle in this blog. There’s still time for peace, seagulls. I swear it’s not too late.



  1. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • You’re most welcome, Miss Sibylle. Thank you for the inspiration as well. I really enjoy the wordplay and composition of your haikus. When writer’s block hits, I go to WordPress to unlock the imagination. Keep up the great writing!

  2. Rob ! awsome! amazing n the tunes you applied were excellent! especially about pete segars! a wonderful man! about the seagulls, your knowledge is better then mine, but did you think the might have nest near by? that they were protesting the eggs?? hope they left no makes that is unual ! the birds, saw how hithcock filmed his movies on hbo! that man was amazing but had no emotions or compassion! wow! thank you for another get blog! i enjoy them so much! shared!

    • I’d never heard that about Hitchcock before. Just seemed like a strange cat. No, those gulls were just riding with the wind and I happened to be in their path. They were headed somewhere in a hurry. Passed me in waves. Normally they avoid you when possible, but this time they flew by like I wasn’t there. I remember Pete from when we were kids, but mostly just know of him from his association with Dylan. Seeger even introduced him at the Newport Folk Festival back in the mid-60s.

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